Why write?

“I am going to write a book”,  I have said a few times. 

I have some ideas.

I would like to write a book
I am not sure if I really will, but it is a desire that has tumbled through my head a time or two.

At sharing this a year or more ago with a friend of mine, he encouraged me to blog.  I had started a blog once, but it fizzled out, as life took off!  “There is value in what you say,” Nick continued. I have run this conversation through my head on several different occasions. 

I am not sure if what I have to say has value.

I am not sure what I would say.

I have so much to say…I am not always sure how to say it.

But, God has done some wonderful things in my life.  He continues to teach me hard and valuable lessons, and I just can’t keep them in!  I also learn so much from the lessons of my friends, and my fellow human race – those people that God brings across my path. 

So…..I am not sure I have answered the questions I had above. But I choose risk.

I will write.



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