White as Snow…

ImageIt is snowing today.

This may not seem like a revelation in many parts of our country or the world.  In the city I reside, it doesn’t happen often.  Snow is a treat.  Well, take out the freaked out drivers, the harried and flustered urbanites, and the delayed school starts and snow bus routes, and it is a treat….

When it snows in Portland, everything stops.  I love this aspect.  I fully understand it wouldn’t stop everything in Madison, Denver, Minneapolis.  But here, everything slows.  In this world where we always go, go, go, snowy days bless me unexpectedly.

And when everything stops, I encounter the quiet.  A moment of peace to reflect. Ponder.

I cherish the slow in a world of ‘not fast enough’.

Snow.  White.  Pure.  Quiet.

And when life slows, I have an opportunity to see things differently.  I imagine that God is always able to live in constant reflection.  It seems that time slowing and reflection is His natural rhythm, His constant.

Slow…peace…time to think and reflect.

Quiet.  Not the constant rain trickle, the drumming of nails, or the gushing of a broken gutter against the siding.  Not the pounding of hail or sound of splashing puddles as cars drive by.  Less cars on the road, less people are out. Still.  Quiet.  Is God urging me to try to hear His still quiet voice?  Is He giving me an opportunity to have time and space, when things would be continuing at their usual frenetic pace.  He gifts me a beautiful time of quiet peace.

Snow.  White as snow. So pure, so clean.  The world as it is, with the litter, debris, the junk, the rubbish, unfinished projects, the abandoned lots, becomes covered in a blanket of white.  Suddenly, it is all beautiful.  What was a heap of nothing, becomes a mountain of white, pure sheet of beauty.  Transformed.  A beautiful picture of my own sins covered.  A portrait of God’s peace and covering over my dirty, my junk, rubbish, my projects unfinished and my failures.  Because of His grace, His son, I am covered just that simply.

Snow.  A blanket of beauty, and covering.  Pure white.  White:  the sum of all colors of light.  White:  reflecting light off itself.  Walking in the dark night, but with a blanket of snowy white pure; I can see. The limited light is reflected everywhere in the dark. Pure white blanket of snow takes the limited light in the darkness and brightens the dark.  Oh, that I am covered with God’s blanket of snow!  Does the Lord use me to bounce limited light and brighten this dark world.  When I am covered by His love, His grace, His purity…do I serve as a light?  Does my life that is transforming into His likeness help reflect more and more of His beautiful light? I pray He uses me like the blanket of snow to reflect His light.


A beautiful picture of God’s love, peace and light.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord.  Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.      Isaiah 1 v18

His appearance was like lightning, and his garments as white as snow.    Matthew 28 v3

(photo taken in my front yard today with my phone)


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