Aquaphor…a shield and cure.

ImageI have been told that I am ‘random’ once or twice.  I have these thoughts, and they are funny, but I keep thinking and I can’t help it.  It’s just that… I think God does find us in the plain and simple.  So, I allow these simple examples in life to speak to me, a little or a lot. I listen and then I thank Him…for the laugh.  So bear with me a moment or two.

It’s really cold outside.  Well, 23° and windy, which is particularly chilly for a girl born, raised and living in the Pacific Northwest.

In our family, Aquaphor is a cure ALL.  Have a burn? Aquaphor.  Have a scrape? Aquaphor.  And the only solution for chapped, cracked, red lips that doesn’t burn, Aquaphor.  We use it for dry skin (one of the boys has eczema), and began using it when the kids were young for diaper rash.  Around here, you will always hear “Where is the Aquaphor?!”

And in cold weather, and/or quick weather changes, we lather it on.  Especially lather it on the lips.

So, I got to thinking…

Random thought of the day:  We have the ability to use a layer of Aquaphor, to prepare ourselves to go out in the cold. We know that we should put on a jacket, gloves, and, in our family’s case, Aquaphor. As parents, we try to send our children into the world, prepared.  “Here’s a jacket, your gloves are here, and put Aquaphor on your lips.”  These “tools” provide a protective layer in the frigid, ever-changing weather world.

God provides us with tools:  scripture, the Holy Spirit and prayer to mention a few.  We can choose to read the Word, pray, and ask for protection and enter His presence. And I know that it is silly, random and strange to compare God to Aquaphor, but if you know me, you know I will do it anyhow! (obviously and truly there is no comparison). It’s just that He’s available to us, God provides that protective layer against all of the elements of the world.  And then, at times, we forget to ask Him– forget to “put Him on”.

And when we stray a little, or forget to include the Lord, there might be some naturally consequential damage (such as the chapped lips of this world, haha).  But our God is amazing and He still can provide a layer of healing to make us better.   We may suffer the consequences of chapped lips, for not thinking to “put on God first.”  We forget.  We decide to try it our own way.  And then we might experience some pain and cracked skin.  However, even after the damage, we can still put on the Aquaphor of God.  He will heal.  It doesn’t hurt when we ask and He heals us.

That’s it.  My random thought of the day.  But, maybe next time you put on your Aquaphor, or whatever is your family’s “go to,” just maybe it will be your reminder to put on the armor of God as well.

But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. Psalm 3v3

O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me. Psalm 30v2

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