Piano recital: Why might I be moved to tears? Imago Dei.


The middle one had a piano recital last weekend.

Our piano teacher gathers students in her home, speaks of where the students began, and attributes their end product to their dedication and practice ethic.  Our middle one seems to rise to the occasion in these events.

I sit and listen to each student perform their song.  There is such pride and beauty in each young one performing.  I enjoy watching both the graceful perseverance through mistakes and the flawless performance of the chosen piece.  I enjoy even the newest beginners.

Often as I am listening I am moved to tears.

Not sobbing.  Not streaming waterfalls of tears…just the delicate trace of tears as they well in my eyes.  There is just something innocent and beautiful that stirs as I am watching someone create beautiful music.  These children are gracefully using their fingers to actually craft and form melodious sounds (well mostly melodious).

When I well tears of joy, I am sure God is at work in my soul.  I think He is saying “You were all created in my image.” Imago Dei.   And part of His incomprehensible, beyond my understanding, image is the revelation that God is a creator.  The Creator created.  The very image of Creator God is in us.  We are inventors, and artists, and engineers, musicians, carpenters and crafters.  We are photographers and bakers, writers and seamstresses.  We make and we create.

The piano recital not only is an assignment or test for these students.  It is an opportunity for me to see bits and pieces of the image of God in each of us.   I am able to share in the joy of watching piano students play chords and piece together music.  Creating.  Music: putting together sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Creating.

Imago Dei.  Created in the image of God.



2 thoughts on “Piano recital: Why might I be moved to tears? Imago Dei.

  1. Thank you! I am a piano teacher, and we have two recitals at nursing homes tomorrow. I know we give meaning to the residents, but I never imagined that a parent would get such enjoyment as well.

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