Christmas Cards: Going Extinct? Why I still love getting them & how I didn’t quite get there…yet

This year I piled all of my Christmas cards up and decided I really wanted to open them all at once.

See the creativity of friends and family in their photo collages, poems, newsletters and top tens.

Reflect on a year gone by.
Reflect on how I met or know the friends who took the time to send a card.
Appreciate each card as a token of friendship.

In the era of less mail, less notes and letters written and  more phone and email and texting (I am a culprit of all three), I enjoy each and every photo card, letter, and Christmas greeting we get.  I do care about the people who have left an imprint on my life, on our family’s life…and I truly enjoy hearing about each of them.

Thank you.  Thank you to those who take the time and spend the money.  Thank you to those of you who purchase stamps and address the envelopes.  I appreciate your updates, your greetings, your love sent.  I even appreciate hearing about who graduated from preschool, or high school or college.  Thank you for your vacation run downs, even if I am a tad jealous of your bronzed family pic.  I truly love hearing from each of you, even if I don’t see you for a year or two or a decade, I love hearing about your slice of life, your 2013.

I have considered ending our Christmas cards.  Save money and save time.  It is an effort.  And in the effort, I usually like to hand address, write a personal note to say “Hi” and it takes time.  But, I am not giving up.  I SO enjoyed the cards I received–I have to reciprocate.  So I am hoping “Happy New Years” cards will go out. I am hoping to get there sometime this month. Christmas is just the time of year that we do it, but I hope my little update and photos will be worth it to someone else 🙂  Okay, maybe it will be Valentine’s Day…



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