Living Intentionally: Finally gonna go “Do something”.

So, there is this song by Matthew West called “Do Something” (previous post).  It’s pretty powerful and it was something that hit me last year.

And then there is this book by Bob Goff called “Love Does” (previous post).  Again, the premise is that in love, we actually act in love and DO something.

And then there is Rachel (that’s me), who has all of these intentions, but is stuck in the rut of being “busy”. I mean, I do stuff.  I was a Wyldlife leader, and a BSF leader. I volunteer at the kid’s schools, and help when I can! Good things. VERY good things. But I have been longing to do something that would stretch ME, challenge ME and serve those that are “marginalized” and those that Jesus mentions over and over….

So, after my Wilderness experience,  and this book, “7” by Jen Hatmaker,  I was left thinking…and challenged.

I determined that I could no longer wait. I needed to go. So, Night Strike Bridgetown it is.

I just started serving at Night Strike a couple of weeks ago.  I was hesitant to post at first…because really, I just wasn’t sure I was ready.  I went, I served and I LOVED it….but I am just not done processing.

But, there are a couple of things that I already LOVE about this opportunity I have to serve.  One, the group of people who run it, they 100% focused on RELATIONSHIP. “Get to know the guests. Ask them their story. You may be the only eye contact or conversation they have had all week.”  So, here is the thing. I LOVE people.  I have been made for relationship. I love hearing peoples stories, and I love knowing who they are.  I have been preparing (and been prepared by God) for this my whole life.  So it isn’t as much of a stretch for me….YET.  I think as I learn more names, get to know more stories, and love and care for more people, it will stretch my heart, and my longings, and my decisions.

But tonight, I am thinking of the guests at Night Strike….a LOT.  I am certain this is the result of getting to know people.  When we know people, we begin to care, and think of them, often!

It is VERY cold tonight. I mean, we are in Portland, OR…so it isn’t Minnesota cold. But we have quite a population of homeless, because Portland is pretty mild.  Freezing rain, and high winds and 30 degree temps isn’t ideal for those who have the sidewalk as a bed.  So I am thinking of the guests…a few I have met, and the ones I have not met yet.  I wish there was more I could do for them – a few volunteers are serving the population who are downtown already, but they wanted the rest of us to stay home tonight.

So, tonight, I will pray.  And if you made it to the end of this post, I challenge you to join me.



4 thoughts on “Living Intentionally: Finally gonna go “Do something”.

  1. My favorite place to be on a Thursday. When I can’t be there I trade my lunch time for prayer time, over them all. Glad you discovered Btown and the guests get to be loved on by you!

  2. Rachel, I would LOVE to hang out with you and serve side by side. It’s so good to hear what God is doing in your life and how you are processing and reaching out with what He is teaching you. Thank you!!! Love and hugs, Lisa

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