Who am I? A child of God, constantly striving to figure out what I am supposed to learn in this crazy world and this suburban bubble.  A self-proclaimed “life long learner”, I am always thinking, always connecting.  I love Jesus. I love people. They never cease to fascinate me, teach me — including my husband and three amazing kids.  Honestly, I love so many things…and talking about each of them is what this blog is about!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachel, your words are important, profound, thought provoking, & deep. In Seeking to see & understand the world through the frame of faith and share your insights is such important work. And, you’re so good at it. Keep going, I’ve had a feast and you’ve left me hungry for more.

    • Kim,
      Welcome! I appreciate your comments! Wow, I really never thought that writing would be a daily expression of my life and faith, but I look forward to continuing to write through the “frame of faith”! I have hopes to diversify my posts 🙂 I am excited to post images/photographs, as well as some restore/recreate/repurposed projects!

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