Repurpose/Recreate: Nightstand chalk paint, distress project

Ahhhh. It feels so good to have a project complete!
Some days I don’t have a lot of time, but I had a day off, and finished painting a nightstand that I purchased at the Goodwill outlet a couple of months ago for $6. I liked the shape and the height for some reason…and I just felt like I could experiment with making my own chalk paint, and achieving a distressed “pottery barn” look by using Vaseline!

My supplies:

Nightstand from Goodwill Outlet $6
Sample of Paint from Home Depot in “Bali Blue”
Sample of “oops” paint for .50 from Home Depot in a creamy white
Unsanded tile grout
Nail files and sand paper
Paint Brushes
Johnson’s Furniture wax/paste

I always paint and forget to take a before pic!


I mixed the Bali Blue with unsanded tile grout and water to my liking…following a little bit of information I got from Pinterest on homemade chalk paint….

and a little more painting…..First Coat


Decided I liked the inside shelf and inside cupboard and top, creamy white.


And then sanded a little and distressed and applied vaseline to keep paint from sticking on the areas I wanted “distressed”


An up-close look of some distressed love (not for everyone, but I likey!)


And with a second painting and sanding and then a coat of Johnson’s Furniture Paste to seal the Chalk Paint … I have a “pop of color” in the Guest Room (my 13 year old artistic and creative daughter’s suggestion)…Voila!!!!